Killing New Media!

I am really new to the whole “New Media life” I have this awesome need to learn everything I can about it in small amount of time. I want to meet new people and learn what they are doing and then offer it to my clients. More and more companies are looking at new media to use and they so I thought a graphic designer might add an interesting twist to their needs.

So why so much Podcamp?

There are so many avenues as to learning New Media and all that Social Media has to offer. I have been attending Social Media Breakfast in New Hampshire for almost a year now, I have missed a few, and I have learned how I can take a company and help them reach a new customer base. While I am no expert and certainly no guru, I do enjoy social media as a new form of advertising. As more and more clients approach me for websites, they want control & to add content on a more frequent basis. This is why blog sites are becoming more popular. I decided to venture to three Podcamps, because you can learn a lot for a lot less cash than school. Plus I have had enough college teaching me on 10 yo textbooks. So I bought tickets first and will be attending first Podcamp Pittsburgh. One this is my home, born and raised black and gold. Two it is being held at my Alma Mater Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Which in itself explodes with creativity. The camp usually packs the halls of the college with hundreds of eager people for learning and just to share ideas. Next is Boston, which goes without saying that it is just a bigger city and so I want to see bigger things.  I want to meet people who are interesting, and are building interesting things and I want them to spark my creativity and teach me what they know. And last but not least, I am taking the biggest jump of this experience Podcamp NH.  Here is why it is huge: One I helped with the team.  Two I am co-leading a session. I helped because I like to help people, and I love planning events, shaking hands and meeting new people. I was asked to co-lead a session with the fun and super awesome Kevin Micalizzi.  So I accepted and we are discussing Managing Divas & Queens on Social Media.

In the End:

At the end of this either two things will happen: I will be super inspired, or I will be over educated and my head will explode. I hope for the super creativity.  I will be keeping you all posted!


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