Now lets talk…Podcamp sessions.

As a person who plans most of every detail of my life, I pick Tweet-ups, Social Media Functions and Podcamp session after much debate over what I will get from each speaker I want to hear.  This year was no exception.

What makes a great speaker…

All of the sessions I attended today had great people leading them as well as people attending. A great speaker will keep my attention.  I have a short attention span, I have three kids, two jobs, and a slew of mommy duties.  So today my attention was kept.  I only saw four sessions and was blown away.  Now I love so many presenters from the New England area.  Steve Garfield from was one of my favorite from podcamp NH and I look forward to this year and seeing him at Boston.  John Herman is also the same.  They captivate and audience.  Now I hate to compare people, but when you make the playing field even it isn’t comparison, it is a compliment.  The following was my session line-up:

First was 10 ways to Create Social Media that Matters with Justin Kownacki.  Justin is truthful and that is is why he is a good, plain and simple.  He says what we wanted to know but was afraid to hear.  If that makes sense at all.  Next I took both Podcasting 101 and 201.  Hutch is a great podcast and I loved watching it online before I made the trip.  I liked his brashness and that he had all the technical details.  The other session speaker was Mike Sorg, whom I had the honor of meeting his wife the night before.  I loved Wrestling in my early years at AIP and there was a group of us who watched wrestling every Monday night and that makes what Mike Sorg does awesome.  Douglas Derda I have followed on Twitter for a while and what can I say…I love beer. I love more then that GOOD beer.  I am only sorry I didn’t I didn’t introduce myself sooner.  Answer is yes, I will be making a video blog, probably as part of The Golden Bean(which is still under contruction). Last but definitely not least I saw and met the Secret Agent L.  Everyone has already said how awesome this and it is no lie.  I have already expressed a need to do a mission.  Enough said Laura Miller moved me enough to help her and help myself.

What is next…

Now tomorrow will be different, with different sessions and a new chance to meet everyone.  And lastly I want to add my favorite picture and quote from the day:

I was milling over quotes from the day from all the OH moments I feel witness to.  But I came up with WAY to many to narrow it down.  But seriously I am looking forward for tomorrow.


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