Viewing from the inside, my thoughts on Podcamp Pittsburgh (personal).

Today was the first of two days of Podcamp Pittsburgh, which I traveled back home just to attend.  Now it is so hard to tell my story or the complexity of my day.

Burghers are the nicest folks you will ever meet…

Ever since I moved to New England People Have known I am from Pittsburgh.  They said they could tell by how open and friendly I am.  It is true that everyone (I say that generally) in the Pittsburgh area will shake your hand and talk to you if you let them.  They are not stand-offish or the least bit worried about stature or money.  They all work hard and that is where there zest for life comes from. Again I say this Generally and no basis other then my own experience. This day was no different.

I go everywhere in Boston and New Hampshire without at least one person I know. This weekend however I didn’t know one person walking in.  At the Meet-n-Greet I went into culture shock and had to have that moment where I sit in the corner and watch.  I listened and heard what people loved and inspired to do this weekend.  I sat and didn’t approach anyone.  After 20 minutes I was approached and hands were shook and then the barriers were broken.  I had the edge I knew no one and I had a story of why I was there.  And I had a need to meet a new social group of peeps in Pittsburgh.

So here is to Sunday.


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