What is next to learn.

So today was the final day of Podcamp Pittsburgh and I am officially so full and inspired.  I am going to blog more and spend 30 minutes everyday blogging, thank you to Cynthia Closkey.  She inspired me to stop agonizing over the design and what my blog looks like and to just start writing.  That was just the first session.  I spent the rest of the day learning more video casting.  Here is why.  I decided that with three Podcamps in one month, I needed to pick a strong subject in sessions to focus on.  I liked the video sessions and spent a lot of time on that one subject.

So what is next?

Like I said, first I want to blog everyday.  30 minutes or less, just something.  Next I will start to use the other blogs I write for.  I want to lead a session, probably at Podcamp NH where I know most of the audience. I am already co-leading a session, but I want to take the reins.  Thank you Secret Agent L for the “Courage” speech.  Sometimes that is the kindness you need.

Now next weekend is Podcamp Boston.  As of today they are 20 people away from a sold out event.  Probably by the time I post this it will be sold out.  So here is to next weekend and what I am going to learn.


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