Karma and Kindness

Loving talking with strangers.

Last week, before I went to Podcamp Pgh. I was discussing kindness with a customer who I saw picking up trash in our parking lot and I gladly gave him his drink on the house. He stated that it takes one person to change the world. He is right.it takes just one simple moment to hold a door open, let a person cut in front, or even pay for a persons drink next in line. It makes a difference.
He sent me a video today, it was about LGBT and equal rights marriage, and that he proudly supports their lives and that community. He chooses to wear his wedding ring on his right hand to support their lifestyle choice.


It Gets Better…

Next I watched Dan Savage’s new project: It Gets Better. The people who have responded to the first video are amazing epic people, who are so proud of who they are. They are comfortable with who they are and they know exactly who they are and how they want to live and love. Since I was young I have known a people who loved with no boundaries, LGBT community. I have friends and ex lovers of my own who have come out. When they did they were scared of what others could think. A few lost friends, or people who they thought were friends. I stood up for them, even through the instance where I was taunted as their partner. I was fine holding their hand and helping anyway needed. I never lost any of them to violence, or suicide, and I never think I could survive that. Check out the YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IcVyvg2Qlo&feature=youtube_gdata_player

For more kindness, the video was posted for Secret Agent L’s Podcamp Pittsburgh session. These random acts of kindness would make anyone turn there lives around. For people who know me, I struggle a lot. Money, love, companionship, schedule; some days it is tough to breathe. And I could picture the people she helped, smiling and even shedding a tiny tear, a thought of gratitude. Check her out and join her and her movement, just help someone.



For my last stint upon my soap box, I might sound a bit mean or childish. So excuse me. This morning at 5 AM I saw karma play out. It shocked me. Every Monday I open the Starbucks I work at and every Monday I leave my home around 4:40. There is usually no traffic, but because I am a worry wort and I have no money, I obey the speed limit. I know where the police sit and where I could get fined. I know where the limit changes and what the limit is. There has bees 10 times where a red pickup truck rode up on my tailpipe and flashed his high beams. Again this morning it happened, and again this morning I pulled over, flipped him the bird, and let him pass. This morning though I thought of calling the police. There was no reason for this behavior. I clearly am a woman driving and it was raining, and was being careful while doing the speed limit. After 10 minutes of deciding, I tossed my cell aside and went on my way. As I took the on ramp for the highway saw blue lights on the side of the road, and in front already pulled over and being lectured, was the red truck. Yes I laughed, and it felt good. Karma felt amazing.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my stories of kindness, please go spread some of your own, someone deserves it and you will like the feeling it leaves in your heart and soul.


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