Jabra Cruiser2 (possibly the coolest tech item…)

As I have attend many events in the past year, I have been in a lot of raffles, and never won. However the other night I attended the Nashua Tweetup and left as the big winner.

Jabra and Hello Direct was the top sponsor of the night and gave away the Jabra Crusier 2. As I one to never talk on the phone while driving I loved the idea that certain apps can interact with the Crusier2. I have already tested the idea of using a voice dialer to call out and then I got to sit with Wayne Kurtzman to get a better idea of how to use it to his full potential. The main use for this device is Bluetooth streaming of phonecalls to your car stereo. However it can do more.


As a music streaming device it works with apps like Pandora, as well as the playlist you have on your phone. It all works through the Bluetooth, which is awesome considering that mean no additional cords around the car stereo. But it can take the music on your phone and stream it to your car without the cord. My main test is an hour drive with Pandora streaming to my car. When the calls do come in the music fades out and you can answer the call.

Receiving calls

Unfortunately my first call over the Cruiser was a political spam call, I however got to hear the clarity of the phone call. The quality was clear and precise. No words were jumbled and no static. I answered the call while the Cruiser2 was dialed into my FM radio. I made two calls on it using my voice dialer app.

Other fun

It will also work with sample apps to read emails and text messages, since we know that is a preferred way of communication.

I recently got to sit with the store manager of Verizon in Manchester NH and when I showed him the Cruiser2, he explained that his store was waiting for this model to be released and he was shocked to hear that I won one.

All in all, I highly recommend the Jabra Cruiser2 for a speaker Bluetooth. Not only for it’s streaming capabilities but for it’s friendliness with multiple apps.


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