Zombies had the best Halloween

It is easy to say that in a world of True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and dare I say…Twilight.  I fully expected this Halloween to be filled with vamps and only vamps.  Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE me some Sookie and Vampire Bill, but I was refreshed to see the undead get the nod it deserves.  Zombies.

First it started with Community on NBC, where a Halloween party turns undead after some government meat was eaten. So the undead was born. It was humorously played and I enjoyed it.

Zombie walk sprang up everywhere, from 1Ks, to thriller reenactments.

And Lastly I must talk about The Walking Dead.  I am a huge fan of the Comic and I was awaiting the premiere with tivo in hand and a big bowl of popcorn. (I also shut off the Steelers game for it, which is huge for me.) And AMC didn’t disappoint.  They stuck true to the comic sometimes frame to frame and the imagery was amazing. There was no boo factor to make you jump in your seat, but there was a eerieness to it, like if you didn’t read the comic you had no idea what was next. The Washington Post reports that the series Premiere raked in 5 Million viewers, more the Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and the Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear, which was watched by 2 million. I will not spoil anything in case you haven’t watched, but this girl is hooked by yet another AMC drama. (I LOVE MAD MEN)

So in the world of vamps and forever livers…it is nice to see that zombies had the best Halloween.


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