Shop smart and fun…

I never thought I would be writing a post about shopping, but hey I am a girl after all.  I like shopping, but lately I HATE the mall. Overpriced and understaffed stores make for an annoying time. I use to love the mall and now I like to take my tween there, but I usually don’t buy too much. But with the Holiday Season here I toggle between shopping in store and online.  I usually buy online for people I have to ship for, because I can get a better deal on shipping then at the post office. I have found somethings fun and exciting to make this season a bit fun.

Tech Loves Christmas Shopping

For the I-lovers, IPad, Ipod touch and IPhone users I have fallen for two apps to aid in Shopping.  The first was Tweeted by @cc_chapman and that was the Target app. This app covers the weekly ads that circulate through the newspapers and in stores. You can browse the ad and drag things to a shopping list.  I also has the gift registries for easy viewing and shopping.  There is also an adorable bobble headed dog to pet. Upside: This app will continue to be used past the holiday season.

Toys R’ Us got an app also.  They turned the usual nail biting Big Toy book into an easy to navigate app. You can also create personal shopping lists for each kid and then each kid gets a stamp they create for when they like something they click on it and it gets stamped and added to the list. Also the coupons that are in the big toy book are on the app. Downsides: Good only for holiday.  AND not every toy is listed, and some of my kid’s favorites were not on the list and if I let my kids go nuts on Amazon, well that wish list would be unorganized and about 25 pages long.

Next I want to give a plug to good ole Foursquare.  If you have a smart phone, get the app.  Check in at store and get badges. Fun for adults! There are also deals when you check in to certain stores.  Toys R’ Us was a great example of a checkin special.  The more this app grows in popularity the more business will  give deals.  I have a love of badges and stickers, which makes me an addict from the start.

Online Deals

First off, look for free shipping.  In the coming weeks all sites will slash the prices of things to purchase, however the best deal is when you can get free shipping.  A few years ago I did all my shopping at Amazon. From toys to books I got a porch full of boxes with free shipping.

Keep the emails coming.

If you can stand some sales ads in your inbox keep signing up every time you go to that store.  For instance A Children’s Place increases your rewards every time you enter your email address at check out.  Your percentage off goes up.

Catalogs and Fliers

All of the Fliers I have received has come with a coupon of some sort, and after looking carefully at the Fliers I found the online discount code.  It just saved me gas.


Please make shopping fun.  Giving to others is a fun part of the holidays, and whether you shop online or at a mall, remember there is a deal to be had and not worth frustration or a fist fight to get it. The store wants your business, if they are out of stock, move on, some other lucky store will get your money

Happy Shopping!


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