At Podcamp NH there was a DIY (do it yourself) session that inspired a few attendees to create items of there own. Renee Bouchard had taken a Podcamp shirt and made it more stylish overnight! She even made a bowtie.

Anyways my darling friend Diane, was influenced and created some lovely items from old Podcamp Shirts from the first year. Check these OUT!!!!

However recently (today) I was faced with a dilema that made me question my OWN DIY skills.

I order my sisters Christmas present online every year. She likes weird things that I can only get online. It also makes it easier to ship things directly to her. However since she moved this year I had it shipped to me, which is a good thing, because of the following mishap.

True Blood on HBO is my sisters favorite show, she made it mine too, and Eric is her favorite character and so I thought I would get her a t-shirt with Eric on it. A women’s XL would do, or so I thought. She and I are the same size and just to show you:

Ok so you see my first issue: TOO SMALL. Now when I looked at how to return the shirt HBO asked me to fill out a reason why, and put the return label on the front and PAY for the shipping back to them. Right there I lost money. If I don’t pay for shipping for the item to come to me, then I am not gonna pay for it to go back. Since it is the holidays I got free shipping.

I cut up the shirt. Yes I changed it to a pillow. And it is so neat because no one I know has a True Blood pillow with Eric on it. So first I started by cutting the shirt up the sides. Then I put the preformed pillow inside and pinned it around the image. I also pinned in the back and closer to the outside of the pillow. I then cut slits in the sides about 0.5 inches apart. And about 1.5 inches up or until it is closer to the pillow. Then I tied it in knots all around the sides. I wanted to know the top, however the image is too close to the neck opening. So I kept the knots up the side and then sewing the top. The final piece is original. I hope she likes it.

So the next time you receive a shirt that is too small or large, alter it, make it original.


One thought on “DIY?

  1. So glad you decided to do some DIY reconstruction projects. It’s kind of fun, isn’t it? I’m sure your sister will absolutely LOVE it. It’s a great idea. Thanks for the shout out in your article too!


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