Crap, a New Years Resolution Post

I have been thinking a lot about the end of the year, hell most of us have.  I wanted to write a cool “I love 2010” post and I still might, but as I was driving home tonight I realized what I wanted for myself next year was what I enjoyed this year. I enjoyed the moments I was surrounded by friends and in the spotlight, the few times that I was.  I mingled a lot this year, met some new friends and was able to help with some great projects. When I was thanked or was in a situation of spotlight, I loved it!  And that is what I wanted to feel more of; That spotlight esteem.

So this is the year of reinvention.  I should explain: When I was in college I took care of myself, put myself first and I was happy.  Then life happened really fast; married, kids and a career I wasn’t proud of, all right after one another. But now the kids are older, not that they are done being cared for, but they can dress on their own and they go to school, and can do things alone.  I have been urged by other moms I know to find a happy medium.  To take care of myself and my family. I started today and here is what I came up with:

1. Complete overhaul makeover. I have appointments with doctors and dentists, eye appointments, hair and waxing.  All the things a girl does to make herself amazing. My best friend Matt always told me that I need to pamper myself and it will make me more confident.

2. I will lose weight. Weight Watchers and the Gym, here I come.

3. I will work more.  More blogs, more art, and a novel, Vidcasts and a podcast.

4. I will get a design job. I like doing Freelance and I probably will continue it to the new year, but I need more cash and fast. I check Monster and Career Builder every week and I will continue, and soon I will have a interview.

5. More social events. I loved all the social events I attended, Tweet-ups and podcamps and Jelly’s and more. I like being with my friends.

Now I just need to find more hours in a day. Here is to the new year, for better and not for worse.


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