Health and the New You

The other day I wrote a blog post on my New Years Resolution and I began working on my “New Me” yesterday. I started early because I hate the people who start January 1st and then stop by March. I don’t make Resolutions because I don’t like to fail. I consider this “New Me” a movement and not a resolution. I have to do something to change.

I did have an interesting first day to my movement. After months of pain in my lower stomach I went to the doctor a few weeks ago. She ordered Ultrasounds and then she shocked me and told me to get my first mammogram. It shocked me because just a short while ago there was a controversy on women under the age of 40 getting the test. Doctors stated that there was still too much tissue to examine and that insurance couldn’t see why. I lost my mom to cancer when I was 9, she was only 38. Yes I see a reason for me to get the test. I received the test yesterday and although it was uncomfortable I am proud to say I had one done. I also asked the technician if she saw a lot of younger girls in here since the debate. She said “Not that many.” I wasn’t shocked considering that after one hour in and out of the waiting room I was the youngest. However I had the most wonderful conversation with a women who watched the end of Days of our Lives, she had been watching since the first episode, I was jealous, only watching since I was 5. But, the most shocking thing was the ultrasound doctor that reviewed my mammogram ordered more pictures and an ultrasound.

(the lower stomach pain came back as showing nothing with the ultrasound so I am back to drawing board with that)

Aggressive Changes

Lastly to my day I attended my first Weight Watchers Meeting. I did this program before when I was getting married and working two jobs and most weeks on it I failed horribly. I however am feeling positive that I am going to do better since my second job is freelance and I can schedule my time and my meals better.  The leader, Susan asked if anyone was here because of a failed resolution. I accidentally raised my hand. She then switched to ask if this was my resolution, My answer went something like this:

“Well yes, my resolution for this year is to make-over my entire life. A “New Me”.  I started with doctor this morning to do a check over and now this and a new career I am working on.”

People in the room were flabbergasted. And then I got applauded.  The women a few seats from me, agreed and told her story and called what I was doing as Aggressive Changes. I like that. So today is day one of Weight Watchers. So far: my bowl of Cheerios was awesome.

I never told either the nurse or my Weight Watcher meeting leader that I was blogging this entire thing, but I hope that this is my continued motivation.


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