Day 2 and 3 of the New Me.

I learned very early in the blogging world not to blog while you have an unlevel head, hence there was no blog post yesterday. But here is what happened:

Part of the whole new me includes overall health, weight, mental, vision, dental. I am fully prepared for the outrageous bills I might face due to it. I have Excellent insurance. While Starbucks might not always be the best at paying us for the job we have to entail, their total pay packages are pretty nice. My health care has never let me down. Now I will get to my story of the dentist and I will try not to lose my temper.

I had a dentist appointment for 10:15 yesterday morning. I arrived 5 minutes early, which has always been plenty of time for new patient paper work for me. I then filled out my paperwork, one of which I couldn’t fill out because they took my insurance card. I handed back the clipboard to the nurses and said I couldn’t do that page and their response: “Oh you didn’t have to because we photocopied your card.” Unnessacary paperwork: Strike 1. Now I proceeded to wait. 15 minutes later I was called back for x-ray. I should say the only person I liked, with ANY bedside manner was the tech. She had to make extra x-rays because I have too many teeth. I never got my wisdom teeth out and I have 3 sets of molars. No Problem. Then I was ushered into another room. Now I am the old-fashioned person who shuts off their phone in the doctor office, not just silence it.  When the tech set me up in a room she offered a magazine. I opted for my book. I proceeded to read 25 pages before another tech came in. This one was to measure my gums and how much they are receding. It hurt. Bad. I expected a bit of pain, but as she got in there I could tell she was getting impatient which means she was getting rough. She asked me to loosen my lips and then proceeded to yank it down below my chin. Hint: when you yank on a muscle it tightens. She kept asking if I was okay and I just nodded because she had her hands still in my mouth. She said she was sorry for “torturing” me. I should mention also that there was adjoining rooms with a space between them. Meaning the poor women next to me heard everything. including the forthcoming lecture on how bad my teeth were. She asked me to fill out some paperwork so I could receive medication for later stages of pertosis. I understood that my mouth was bad, I was mentally prepared to hear what needed to be done, what I get was a kindergarten lecture on the importance of flossing. DUH: strike 2. I was left alone again to my book. Read the materials she left me and then 15 more pages.  The first tech came back assuring that I was next and I proceeded to read another 15 pages. Finally the dr came in. “Want to save the tooth?” Sure. “okay, root canal and crown, deep clean and two cavities.” Wow I was impressed. Thought for sure I had at least 6 cavities and was going to lose two back teeth. I was still okay, trying to stay positive. I was sent back to the waiting room to await the payment summary and go over insurance and so forth. Then the deal breaker came out. I turned back on my phone it was then 12:15. Not one person had apologized for the long visit or the time I had waisted. The claim person(I believe that was her job) Then called my name. I proceeded to the desk. She then stated that it would be a little longer because my insurance place was closed, or she would call on Tuesday. I asked then if I could make my appointment and was told that well yes, bu the cost was not set. I laughed and said “well it is a deep cleaning, really how much could that be?” This was me trying to stay calm. She then smirked and said very rudely: Actually it is a HUGE cost and it isn’t a deep cleaning.” There it was. The third grade tone of voice like I was stupid, coming from this woman. I stated that I worked two job and I don’t have time to wait and that I had waisted two hours there already. She never said sorry. I sat down with the two prescriptions in hand. Then I thought: I am about to hand over thousands of dollars to this. I looked around at the office which looked like a hair salon, filled with young attractive not-real-life women and men. I stood up walk to the desk tossed the reception ladies my prescriptions and stated loudly “I AM GETTING A NEW DENTIST”  and left. Bad side: I left my prescriptions. I immediately called the dentist I originally wanted and left a message. I was not going to be criticised for making a healthy choice. I was changing my life, and I didn’t need my time waisted or to be chastised for my decisions. I have been through a lot in the past 10 years and I had no money to do any of this, but now is different. I want to make these changes and I am not going to let some stupid dentist treat me stupid for doing so.

Now for the rest of the day, I took in a movie with the family, however I embarrassed them by asking for a healthy option at Chunky’s; HINT: it doesn’t exist. Lucky for me I banked points just for this.  I had a light lunch since I didn’t get back and settled until 1:30. The rest of my New Years went smoothly, I had a quiet night with my husband and we watched the ball drop. We didn’t really discuss the new year, just reflected that our children are getting so big this year. Marc will be 5, Gigi 7 and Ash will be 12. That to me is like wow, considering I was scared to death to be a mom.

This has to be the longest piece yet. Sorry and thanks for hanging in there.

Now as for day three: Nothing to stressful, Work and stay on track with my points. Pack a healthy dinner and eat lunch before I leave. Happy New Year!

Oh and just so everyone knows I went to Aspen Dental in Nashua on 101A. I do not recommend.


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