Success (day 4)

Around News Years people often think about success and fame and how they will achieve it. They spend hours, days, and even month strategically planning every move of their business and possibly there personal lives. I have heard from a lot of people that perhaps if that you take the time to act instead of plan you might be more successful, if that makes sense.

Success there is no overnight but there is 15 minutes of fame.

There is a textbook definition of success, but never one on how to measure the actual achievement. We set goals, we achieve said goals and move on to new goal or stay contently where we are. But these people who are obsessed with the greater/higher stature will spend their lives goal aver goal. I would like to turn to the “What About Bob” answer of baby steps. You set one goal, or perhaps two, one business, one personal make it small like one that can be achieved in one week. Like this week I will file all of my paperwork. When you achieve that goal you celebrate. Then go a bit bigger. Don’t pick hugh goals, you could feel overwhelmed and then have a chance of giving up.

Some define success when you feel good about achieving a goal or when someone else pats you on the back. That is what I think is success.

As for my day 4 it was pretty routine. I did find out though how bad scones are for weight watchers. I have to cut those out. I also had a great day at work, which I haven’t felt in a very long time. All in all it was a normal day. I even took time to teach about being strong and courageous to my 6 year old.


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