I really have never felt fame and to write about it I probably would be spewing a bunch of bull, however I have a post about popularity and lonelyness that I can talk to this week.

I volunteer for a lot of things, and I usually get the outside reaction of: “Why are you helping with (insert name of function or project)” And while I like to get my hands dirty or learn new things I like the thrill of shaking hands more. I like standing in front of a crowd and speaking. I acted in a lot of plays in school and then I was a disc jockey in College; at the time it was attention and because friends usually said: “I AM NOT doing this without you!” and I was there for them. I haven’t been in front of a crowd since I left college until this past year. During Networking event I liked shaking hands, I liked speaking at podcamp, and being part of the team put me in a spotlight that I haven’t felt in years and like every other time I had blood and tears go into that final result of popularity. Someone said last night with great coolness comes great responsibility, and while it is a knock off from spiderman, it is true, people work for validity. I got back into this as a new search for people and something new to learn landed me in new media. Writing this blog, learning social media, and soon a webcast has me mixing with interesting people I would never have met before. Has it cured my loneliness? Yes it has.


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