Update days amiss.

Wow I have been busy, I haven’t updated on the personal quest in a while. So let’s start with an update. For those of you who have been supportive thank you so much. It has helped so much.

Healthy, Wealthy and Well

Weight loss has reach 5.4 as of last weigh in on Friday. So that is awesome. The weight watchers diet, not to sound like a commercial is so easy. I can eat so much, it just depends on how much you eat. I still have been able to eat out. And still have a glass of chocolate milk everyday, which is a personal remedy to any ailment. My pants are looser and my shirts fit better.

As far as the health part, I feel like my body is fighting me at every turn. I found a new dentist and loved my visit so much that I returned later that same day for a root canal. Now my mammograms were not so well. I wasn’t able to talk to anyone about what happened but my dad, husband, and best friend Angela, I left a cryptic Facebook message , and just shut up about every inch of what happened. Today I won’t shut up about it, and it is okay for everyone to know. In 12 mammogram pictures they saw a “dense mass”. They didn’t tell me, they just kept taking pictures until I finally asked if they saw something. They did. After the 12 pictures they opted for an ultrasound. My fear had set in, and even as they did the ultrasound I questioned what the rest of my life would be like. They odd thing is that the ultrasound came back inconclusive. The couldn’t see the mass and asked me back in six months. My doctor will probably want a second opinion, and a part of me wants one too, just to have an answer to what is in my breast.

After that I had my root canal and then caught a cold, which I am feeling better and almost done with.

Busy, Back as Usual

I was busy learning to screen print and made a t-shirt for a plumber. It was fun and challenging. I have many more in mind and a few friends who want t create more. I also help organize this months Social Media Breakfast New Hampshire. Which was interesting that I succeeded without having many obstacles. It is this Friday if you are interested in learning location-based services. I also started to work on a webcast with two friends which we are hoping to get started soon, just stuck on a good name. I also got back to work on a few websites that have been on the books since October.

So that is the update, I am still on task, still moving forward.


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