A Little over a Month

So my journey started December 28 and I was giving updates quite frequently and then it seems my work picked up and it changed how much blogging I did. But here it is: I am going to answer: How’s it going?

Weight Loss a-go-go

So after a few weeks of weight loss I reached a loss of 14.4 pounds. That is a lot. I have had more energy and have even needed less coffee to get through the day. I have been eating so much less and I am getting hungrier everyday. So last night I went for a pant size smaller and was able to get them up and had I been laying down probably buttoned and zippered.


My scare last month with Breast Cancer had me a little on edge with all these tests and procedures I am doing to bring my health back up. I went back to my doctor and she put my mind to ease that although they saw some dense mass in my breast it wasn’t anything more than a cyst. So my follow-up is in one month.

I went on medication for Chronic pelvic pain. Lastly I got my tooth replaced.

All in all fixing my health has been time-consuming and expensive.

You better Work!

Last is work; and while I haven’t found anything to replace 9-5, I have added a new project just to see if I have the skills to produce a web show. So I launched Geekx2.  It will be a web show of two geeks discussing movies, comics, and all other things geeky.  There is a blog, Facebook, and twitter feed just to support it. I have been so swamped that I love a fun project to keep me motivated.  I continue to work on client work and I am set to purchase a slice of web in the near future. And I have been asked to do some Photoshop work which I love to do.

Anyways that is the update and I promise I will try to write more!

Happy Trails!


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