Check up and Check out.

Here is the update.

I am officially at 15 pounds gone. How does it feel? AMAZING! I even was confident to buy a tank top for this summer. Oh and smaller pants. I continue to go to my weekly meeting and for some reason I do make it all about getting a sticker or reward, other then my health.

A few months ago it came up at a Social Media Breakfast about Location Based Services that people do things to get badges and stickers and this is also true for Weight Watchers. With things like Foursquare and even Girl Scouts people get these trinkets to show off accomplishments. At Weight Watchers we get stickers just for trying a healthy new you. The front of my book is already full of Bravos and 5Lbs stickers. I have even gotten a Bravo for writing everything down in one week.

The toughest days are Snow and no work days.  I try to stay busy and at some point I find myself just munching while working. So today while it snows I face another challenge. Keep my hands busy. It may result in a lot of blog posts today.


My work plate has been running over. In addition to continued work on a website, I purchased the name to finally launch one that has been sitting on my hard drive for a while. Then a T-shirt offer I couldn’t refuse came in. It is a contest for Starbucks Employees and while the first prize money is small the attention is National. If I win, my t-shirt will be available to purchase as an employee, and seen by the bigwigs in Seattle. That is big. And then it is my favorite time of year! Podcamps are gearing up all over the place. New Hampshire whom I love helping with is underway finding Sponsors and sessions and this year we are returning to New Hampton School, which is awesome! unfortunately with all the craziness I might not get to travel to one of my favorite Podcamps in Pittsburgh. I will have to see which weekend it falls on. Boston however is a go and I cannot wait.

And last but not least I want to plug (again) my new project and explain why I did it.  Geeksx2 was a weird result of what I learned and “Hey I would love to do this”. So since I started attending Social Media Breakfast and Podcamps one thing has fascinated me over and over again and it is the events I attend the most. Web Video. I dedicated my entire weekend at Podcamp Pittsburgh to learn it, and I own a few books, like Get Seen by Steve Garfield. And I was just waiting for a chance to use it. I hate being on camera, I either overly act like a ham, or I get shy. So one night while at work, my two buddies were acting like a tv show and then one asked if I had ever seen this web show, I went and brought it up, and laughed for a while at the talking head on the screen. My friend said in turn that he would love doing something like this. I laughed and said I just learned how to do this, and the dream was born.  The name seemed to be the toughest part so far. And I think Content is like a Field of Dreams, if you build it and it is as good as baseball, people will come.

and with that I am off.

Check out Geeksx2 and PodcampNH.


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