Is there a greater goal under all the handshakes?

Success Is all in how you measure success.

Is it by how many hands you shake?

How many people you make happy in a day?

What if your success was measured in how you feel everyday?

I have completed many projects for business and for personal that felt like an accomplishment to me, and certainly got me plenty of pats on the back. But is that success? Is there a greater goal under all the handshakes? When you enter into the marketing world and you are the commodity to purchase you run a gambit of chance.  Every week I meet new people, try to sell my art, seal some deals and in the end leave with a sense of success.  I still am not rich. I bring that up only because money is generally tied to success.  I serve coffee for a real living, there is no real money there. But after the apron is off and I am in front of my computer I become who I want to be; a designer, writer, artist.

I love it when I am introduced as awesome. Like as if all my titles can be summed up. I like meeting new people.  I like being important, I guess that is why I like being a mom. I guess what I am trying to say is that success is only measured by what you want to measure it by. I like to measure my success by goals obtained and people I help, and happiness that I help obtain.


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