Sucker Punch

The Guys are going to sit down and review Sucker Punch tomorrow, which came to theaters this weekend. And while the reviews are mixed for it already, I needed to go on record with my geek-dom for this movie.

While I have no idea what Jim and Chris will say about Sucker Punch I need to go on record as I love it. Visually it looked like a video game, which to me is okay, just as long as it wasn’t 3d. I don’t want to say too much without spoiling it, which we are not in the game to do.

The plot was a bit hard to follow as it switched from reality to dream world to next world. The original world was only visited in the beginning and end of the movie. The second “Reality” was the performance world, then the third was the fighting world, where these “missions” took place.

I am all for woman power, but the outfits were a bit over the top. That I give it thumbs down.

Lastly, Please make this into a video game. I will reserve my copy now, xbox360 please.

If you like visually stunning CGI movies, don’t mind a lot of cleavage and a small lack of a real clear plot; it is perseverance, then go see this movie. The first of the summer blockbusters.


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