Life is WAY TOO SHORT!!!

Since the beginning of the year a lot of my close friends have changed their mantra, from all business/all success to all smiles/all laughter. Last night I got a weird glimpse into how life is funny to deliver sad with the good and all the bad in between.

My dearest friend since 5 lost another family member recently, I didn’t find out from her, I found out through the obituaries. Yes I possibly became one of those type of people to see if I know someone has passed away, more bizarre I was reading a paper from Pittsburgh, PA.

Either way, I called her immediately to offer condolences, and has the most life inspiring conversation. First his death was 100% a surprise. He wasn’t sick. He wasn’t murdered. He fell while outside, got inside safe and passed away. Sad.

Our next part of our story was possibly the strangest medical story I have ever heard, however it had a happy ending. Last September my friend got really ill. The doctors believed her Gal Bladder was leaking toxins into her system, they removed her Gal Bladder but she continued to be ill. Another month went by, still sick, then another doctor just said It will pass. Another two weeks went by and She was still sick. She went back to the doctor, they ran more tests, only to find she was pregnant. about 4 months pregnant and now she is due next month. Forget that Gal Bladder doctors we don’t need them. She was shocked and upset. She wasn’t ready to be a mom again, since her son is now only 14 months old. She has since adjusted to the idea of a second wee one after years of fertility treatment just to get the first, and now a surprise. She was surprised shortly after telling her mom that her sister-in-law was also pregnant and they are due 4 days apart. In the end lives were created and celebrated.

As she asked how I was doing I could only joke in saying that I have lost a kid, or at least the weight of one. I told her of my misery before new years and how i have worked to change every aspect of my life. I told her of my success.

After I hung up the phone being force off by a 4 year old’s bath; I realized that life really is too short. Here I am with 3 kids, a husband, a college degree and a full-time job, and I could have sworn just yesterday I turned 20. Where am I going with this?

That I want to be more fun, more smiles, less stress. Will I continue to work my ass off, yes, because hard work pays off. Then I remember that there are far too many people who surround themselves with Social Media, Tech, Gadgets, and networking and working that they forget to make themselves interesting. What makes you unique?

So today when it was raining out and a thousand tweets were sent and a hundred blogs were written, what made you be yourself, what made you personable?

Enjoy the raindrops.


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