Create a project or make up a Goal?

I drive a very long way to work, 40 minutes to be exact, during that time I usually have a couple of mind-blowing revelations. Yesterdays was a crazy thought, perhaps effecting my entire day of work.

I have no goals.

Then I found that I am not alone. Personally and professionally I am just going through the daily motions. I guess one goal would be to make more money, but really everyone wants that.

Let me break it down: At Starbucks I always worked for a promotion, some type of learning path, we called them partner development. I have always had one for the past 8 years, except I don’t have one now. So when Coffee Master training came (coffee master goes through extra training and is a leadership role in the stores), I studied and went to certification without connecting with anyone, and well I fell flat on my face. I was unprepared and just plain nervous about the entire situation. When I drove home and thought to myself, I was just not prepared. Then I thought in my entire Starbucks career I am not prepared for anything I am going through.

My design business is getting stronger with every client, as any start-up does, and I recent just got better at asking for payment for my work. But I still have no future plans for the company for instance I have no desire to buy an office or get a partner, or any next steps to make my business bigger. I have more things I want to learn, but no really clear defining goal.

I create projects for myself a lot. Books to write, paintings to make, and designs to inspire. Does the new projects take up goals? I wonder if anyone else, creatives mostly, what do you inspire to do next?


One thought on “Create a project or make up a Goal?

  1. I have to say, I’m with you. For me, it’s also been about the learning. The times I’ve been most restless have been when I don’t feel I’m learning anymore. I’m not great at it, but I have found that setting a few goals does help to keep me more focused — and sometimes it helps me not get over-committed. 😉

    I say keep going with your projects, even while you figure out what you want your goals to be. You’ve built up some great momentum, I say keep it going. You can always nudge yourself in whatever direction you need to get to your goals. -k

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