I am constantly trying to make my iPad as versatile as my laptop, I think we all are.

While I spend some time writing I constantly like to use different apps to connect to my WordPress sites. I have stumbled upon and totally love Blogsy.

First it is visual. There is a search bar on the side that connects you to your own Flickr site, YouTube , Google, and Picasa for easy way to add a picture or video, or research while you are writing.

There is a rich side, which is total visual, and a write side which is HTML and can be altered through the coding. There are two ways to add links.

It has been fun to write on this app. I love that this app saves my sites and all the tags I have stored and categories. The only true downside I can find is that it seems once a piece is published there is nowhere to blast it to Facebook or Twitter.

There is an awesome tutorial that shows where everything is and even demo videos to help with navigation.

So if you like to work mobile on your iPad I highly recommend the Blogsy app.


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