Lion is a Roaring Success (in my book)

After a huge install last night and early today, I got my hands on OS X Lion. I was really excited to get it I did get it right away. I wanted to purchase a disk though, just because I have gotten a company discount at the Apple store for programs in the past, but that wasn’t possible this time. Smart for Apple in not program sharing, but bad for my pocketbook. Then when I went to the app store I was pleasantly surprised at the low-cost.

Right off the bat the first thing I notice is the Sleek new log-in screen. I like the look of the buttons over the square pictures. Then After I logged in I got my name in the upper right hand corner of my screen, it shows whose side you are on, especially great if you share with another person.

When I went to my dock I noticed three new items. Facetime, which I never had before, Launchpad, and Mission control. The last two everyone was raving about forever. I went to Launchpad first just to see how it treated my applications. I have a lot of applications when you count all my adobe and mac apps plus three music programs, and of course my twitter app. I started to arrange them into categories, but I noticed with my adobe programs came there uninstaller which junked up the page. I have yet to move them just based on if they should get their own folder or not. As I went through the programs I opened the Utilities folder to find a Podcast Capture and Podcast Publisher. Very great for someone like me who is constantly thinking about doing a podcast. Again along with the Ipod touch,  iPad, and iPhone the movement into folders is touchy and if you don’t slow down and move it just right, you lose the program. I also forgot that I have apps on my computer that I tried once and never again, like rockmelt. It showed up in my Launchpad and I will uninstall it later, but it was a great reminder for all those forgotten apps.

As for Mission control, I love it. As a Designer I often have up to four different programs open and twitter open all at the same time. I have to Hide programs and reopen windows and that cuts into my production time. Also just discovered that if you swipe three fingers across the smart trackpad it goes between the screens, and even into the dashboard. If you are working a mac that has the Button with the three square inside the big square, you can launch mission control that way.

One last thing is the way the scrolling feature now works on the smart pad, it is in reverse, but apparently this isn’t the only new feature and if you go to System preferences and go through the tutorial again you can be up-to-date. As for me I have to get use to them.

Well this is just my first hour into the OS I am liking it. I have to work through a couple of bugs unique to my machine, but all in all I think it was worth it.


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