Where is Your Heart?

I sat there for hours upon hours doing anything but designing. I have projects. Two websites and a t-shirt to work on. Plus a change to a current blog. But I sat there. I did laundry, I played with the kids, I made a big dinner, I watched The Baristas, I listened to a few Podcasts. But I had the t-shirts open in Illustrator the whole time.

I don’t hate Illustrator. In fact it is my favorite. I don’t mind the tedious work with the pen tool, or color matching. So I know it wasn’t that.

Work from home? I have been use to all the distractions; kids, laundry, and stuff. So no I worked through it before.

Why was I hating my work?Why was I avoiding working? Why am I blogging now instead of working?

I needed answers. I know things have been bad at my day job, sometimes exhausting me to no end. I had a major project, Podcamp New Hampshire end and I will not be returning to next year.


I think perhaps it is a combination of everything. Where does my heart now lay? I decided to start doing freelance Graphic Design because I was tired of not using my schooling and I wanted a new direction. Where is my direction now? I want to say I am passionate about the jobs and the clients behind them. One project will involve Baristas all over Boston and New England area. But still I got nothing.

How do you power through the slumps? Whether it be a mental or creative slump, what make you get back to what you love?

I love you art.


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