The Etsy Project

A while ago I posted this picture on Facebook:

With the Status of something like I should start doing screen printing. Then I wore the shirt to Podcamp NH. I got rave reviews. I liked Screen Printing all day.

Then I stopped at my local Cigar shop in Brookline NH. There they had old Cigar boxes for a small fee. I sat on them for quite a few weeks. I was trying to decide how to line them, and make them look great.

Then today I was working and thought the most perfect way to line the boxes. Here is what the beginning piece looks like:

The first thing I did was fabric the top. It was easier to measure quilting squares then a big yard of fabric:

Then I did the bottom but I added batting for some softness.

So that is the finished piece.

Now as far as the Etsy store. We will see.


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