Tip Your Hat and Dream BIG.

Last year I set pretty big goals. Don’t we all? Isn’t that what New Years and stupid resolutions are all about?

So how bout a wrap up and a MOVE on?

I did lose weight. Around 25 pounds and I am still trying hard to lose the next 25.

I did do the makeover. Yes I had the scary doctor appointments, but in the end I got my hair cut, short, bought some new clothes, and changed my appearance to more confident.

That all went according to plan.

Business? Not so much.

I decided to start freelance this year, but keep my job at Starbucks. This was good and bad. Good: When I had no jobs, I had a paycheck. Bad: I was exhausted from trying to juggle both. I wanted to blog more, market more and create more, but every night I just wanted to sleep. So in the end I made little money designing. I did a couple of free jobs based on the idea they would bring me a new client. Wrong again. I just ended up with new pieces for my portfolio. In the end I feel like I failed business, in some way. After Podcamp NH the networking event and chance to meet people have died off. Hopefully next year everyone gets back in the mood to hold events.

My master plan for my art is changing this year. I will still be doing freelance. But I will highlight my next plan in a post later today. I never planned on being a starving artist, but I never planned of brewing coffee for a living either.

Onward and Upward

I enter into next year with the hope to continue to lose weight and take better care of myself and to further my business. 2012 my hat is off to you.


One thought on “Tip Your Hat and Dream BIG.

  1. I’m excited to have been there for most of this year’s transformation. My attitude is take what you can learn from the things that didn’t go the way you wanted and adapt the plan as you go.

    You know it already, but it’s worth repeating: I think you’re awesome!


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