The Creative Hermit Week

A bizarre thing happened last month, I went to my boss and told her I needed time off. That really isn’t so bizarre for me. I travel. ALOT. I get involved in projects. ALOT. But I wasn’t doing anything right now. I was tired and I needed just a break. When I went to check my vacation time I was surprised to see about two weeks worth on my paystub. I had no plans for a day off until April. At this rate I could have taken to month of July off. So I was granted a week off. Now I find that I might need to do this more.

The Etsy Store Part 2

If you have been reading my blog a while back I wrote about an idea I got about recycling old cigar boxes into jewelery boxes. It started as an interest, like “What can I do with these?” and turned into these boxes that stirred some interest. Then there was my silkscreening. I had been silkscreening for myself and for limited clients and got a Positive feedback on the items I did make. So I thought I would take my project onto the web.

So I started with some upcycled jewelry boxes and some screen printed tote bags. The jewelry boxes are awesome but the screens ran into some problems and so I have to try again.

No Work=Healthy Girl

Since I wasn’t around food all week, bad food, I watched and tracked and exercised and in the end I lost weight. No downside there.

So overall I began this week with this bizarre new found renewal for all my projects. Perhaps all any opus need is a week to reflect.


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