Stop, Think before you speak.

Very rarely I get really upset about the way my customers act at Starbucks. However today I was so shaken up by a customers opinion that I nearly
broke down in tears.

First let me say I have a husband and three kids. I try to teach them that everyone is the same no matter who they love, worship or where they were born. I would be ashamed if my child ever acted like a bigot. I believe that everyone has an opinion and it is there deal.

Now I have same-sex partners bffs. I Have more than a few and they have never been scary or hurtful, and they were always there when I needed them. I am proud to say that I support gay marriage and happy that my company does support it. I think you should be allowed to do whatever and whomever you like and enjoy. It is love, not anything else.

So today was a busy Sunday and a woman came in with her daughter who couldn’t have been older than 13. She asked if a manager was available and I had said that I was the best she had. She was disappointed that I was busy. Then I offered to talk to her once my line was clear. I thought she was going to ask about a job or inquire about a Promotion. After 5 minutes of ringing up other customers I went into the cafe to find the customer.

“Ok ma’am. How can I help you?”

“I wanted to let you know I DO NOT support your company coming out in support of gay marriage.”

“Wait what? So you DON’T support it?”

“That’s right.”


Now I scoffed off…angry. First for you to interrupt my day to voice your opinion and what if I was gay? Or what if your daughter was? She had clearly not cared. I have partners who are in same-sex relationships and what if she said something to them. We had a lot of recent support and backlash from this subject; but I was so close to telling her my wife and I were happy.

In the end I did what I had to as a person who couldn’t react. I thought afterward that people who never mean to offend often do and perhaps they should just watch what they say.

•This post was started on April 22nd. I had decided not to publish it til now because I was taught by some of the best bloggers to think before you write.•


One thought on “Stop, Think before you speak.

  1. Sadly it’s a real fact of professional life, especially if you aren’t the owner. I imagine that many of the chick-fil-a people who work at whatever particular establishment had to deal with a similar situation but opposite position. You know me, I’ve nearly gotten myself in trouble several times especially with customers getting lippy with me over various situations, almost always company positions that are completely out of my control. As a professional they pretty much expect us to NOT have an opinion and stick to whatever company line, even if we completely don’t agree with the position. Unpleasant people are everywhere, and customers get to voice whatever dumbass opinion they want and we have to sit and smile. Ocassionally i have worked for a boss that told the customer off and i respect them for that , but that is not the norm…especially in corporations. In that particular situation i would have told said customer that ” I’m sorry you feel that way if you would like to fill out a customer feed back form I will see that it get sent to the appropriate person to adress it”…after which point I would probably have ripped it up and thrown it out…..that would have been my therapy LOL….One thing I can say is I miss the old NY where you could tell a customer to “go sit and spin” and that sort of response was expected, but that was the days before political correctness kicked in, guess there are some benifits and draw backs on both sides of that.

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