What I Learned from The Wall at 33.

When I go to the Consol Center in Pittsburgh for the rest of my birthday celebration I didn’t think within the first few songs I would think about Kindness and Love and the lack of it in the world today.

I never expected the stage show of Roger Waters The Wall be a political sounding board. But it was true when it was written as well as today. There are certain points where we cannot trust each other, the government or even ourselves.

Love and Trust

It is a powerful word that has built empires and destroyed them more. Most of us have learned that we need to trust ourselves before we trust or love another thing. WE trust ourselves to know the conditions and terms we want from another person. But what if we are conditioned not to love? To be scorned like the wall and secluded in how we feel. What then? Do we continuously jump from one settlement to another? And then when we do find that heart pounding moment that snatches our breath away we are too scared of the consequences to repeat the action. If we constantly did what felt good without fear, what kind of person would you be? Would you have gone the same path always?



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