Random Coffee Shop Post #1

So I have been sitting here at the Muddy Cup in Bellevue for about the past 30 minutes and I noticed two things: 1: it has changed so much since I was a kid. I use to take the bus here, or walk to see a boyfriend at the time and we would eat pizza at Luigi’s and see a movie at the theatre that is now a Family Dollar.

But I noticed something that I never thought I would see. The church across the street got a facelift and I thought what an interesting parallel to my life. You see for my entire life this church was black from the soot of the steel mills. It was told us as kids that you could tell how old a building was by how black it was. This church centered in the center of town and it may not be as well-known as the others in town and in fact I have never been inside of this one. The thing that shocked me the most is that it finally is getting a facelift. The black is scrubbed off the bottom and you can see from the picture below that are almost to the top.

Now I know that what does this have to do with me and this whole transition in my life and I tell you that the other day I was asked how my day was and the only answer I could say was “Normal”. It was normal. I went to work, came home, showered and then met with friends for food. It was a normal day. Today was Normal. The church is beginning to look normal. Everything, every box I unpack the pain seems to dissipate. It seems like my depression has turned to determination. I am determined to be great. To have a new lease on life-like the church is getting new people to notice it.

So thanks some random church for todays thought of peace. You made me smile.



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