Holy Crap One Month!!!!

I sat in the kitchen this afternoon and it dawned on me that I have already been back in Pittsburgh one full month. And I must say that it was one hell of a month!

While most things in Pittsburgh hasn’t changed; the traffic, the construction, the general friendliness of people. My life here is different as an adult. I have done things my way and I have felt few regrets about leaving Boston behind.


We can start with work. I did continue at Starbucks just at a new store and they have been more then welcoming. I have fit right in and Have felt like a valuable team member. However the more exciting news is that I start a Art job on Monday. Thanks to an awesome friend I interviewed for a job laying out signs and doing basic design work. Which is great for me. I also have two exciting projects coming out and cannot wait to share them, but I will keep them under wraps until later. I am excited about them though. Also today I kicked off NaNoWriMo. Which I always wanted to write a novel and so this was a cool and challenging way to do that.


Dispite the cold weather I have got to go for a few short jogs. I have enjoyed it. I am still watching what I eat, however I have not returned to Weight Watchers. It is on the list for next month. Just to get me through the holidays.


I have been very fortunate to spend sometime with new friends and even had the chance to meet some new people at Podcamp Pittsburgh 7. It has also filled my Social Calendar for a good bit. Which is cool cause I like meeting new people and going out. I also have had a blast reconnecting with people I have let go for the past 10+years. Always remember your best friends are the ones who come back and stick with you through everything. I have also had the great oppertunity that I have had not one awkward run-in since I moved home.
So in all I have had more Success in three weeks then in 7 years in Boston. Just goes to show you that when you destroy your own life, you can always rebuild an empire.


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