The Year of Amanda

SO like every other blogger in the world it is time for the end of the year post. I had to go and revisit last years post and I realized that I continued on my path of a new me. However when it was going too slow I blew everything up…and well that was a story two months ago. And I have been documenting that this whole time. Proof that you can change anything in your life at anytime with a little cash, determination and a few good friends to be backbones.

Yesterday I sat outside Rivertowne on the North Shore on my way to the Steeler game and I took a few moment to revel in the idea that I was having a great day and that it was a reason to move home. Great moments outlined with random acts of beauty. A snowflake, a fire, a skyscraper, a snowball fight, cold beer, and a football game. I now realize that is the basis for the year to come. But first I should reflect to appreciate the future.

2012 was pretty normal in the beginning. I worked, worked and more work. Had some great times and learned some new skills. I guess the real shift happened at GiveCamp. I was told shocking news and moments shifted to memories. I realized everything around me, Marriage and kids, a job not a passion, and even Boston was not me. The real me. I had gotten blurred. The person I was at 20 and what I pictured at 33 was not even the right paths. It was if I had taken a wrong turn and never found my way back. And yes this is what mid-life crisis is based on; however we have established that we have these little 1/3 life crisis…and I think this is my 2/3 one.

Moving back to Pittsburgh had to be the highlight of the year. There was a moment I knew I needed to be here again. It was July 8th and I had just left Pittsburgh after a week of self discovery and renewed love, for people and a city I was so easy to dismiss. After I turned onto 81 headed toward New York; I cried…I cried so hard it hurt to breath. Two weeks later I decided to leave my entire life and start over.

Since I have been back I have done amazing things. I went to Podcamp. I only mention that first because it is my favorite to go to every year, but it was the first thing I did when I moved back. I went to two other events: Creative Mornings and Childrens Museum MAKEnight.  I saw two Steelers games, which I never did before. I started at a Sign company as an artist which has been huge for me.

Now on the Horizon.

I sat down today and made a list of my goals for 2013 and I think that is how I can sum up this post. So here is to 2013, raise a glass and toast yourself. I know I am. The year of Amanda:

  1. Save $6000
  2. Buy a new car
  3. Buy my first Apartment
  4. Get Divorced
  5. Decide Custody
  6. Loose the last 40 pounds
  7. Succeed at my new projects
  8. Succeed at both jobs
  9. Start and Finish writing a novel

Now these are not Resolutions…I only have one of those:

For 2013 my only resolution is to:


Happy New Year

Love you.



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