The Soulmate

I was going to write this piece for another Blog and thought that it was a huge part of my day today and what I had to say and what I was thinking couldn’t wait. Quite frankly that is the hardest part of being a writer.

But today I was discussing my life choices and my lack of good decisions and I then promptly washed dishes at work which means the brain starts to over-function.


What makes the decision to spend your life with someone or even with a group of people. I knew what started a relationship. For the romantic side there is a butterfly; a lightning bolt stemmed from a common lust. Then there are your friends. The type that spends there lives with you. They have common interests and you can trust them with your deepest secrets. Carrie Bradshaw always said that her friends were hers. And then there is the idea that these two groups intertwine. Your friends can become a lover and vice versa.

But what is to say that the soulmate you thought you woke up next to wasn’t. Speaking as a Girl you romantize about this person you feel this gravitational pull towards and hope that they last forever. But then years go by and the ideas and feeling waiver. You wake one morning with a disconnect no human should ever feel. You can disconnect from the entire world you built. But what makes you know that person you just met is a soulmate and is someone you can build forever on?

But again I know the future is questionable to everyone. You can never bet on anything. Or rely on anyone for that matter.

In the end I came to the conclusion that I want to believe in a soulmate but a jaded person can know that the person in the mirror is the best soulmate you can have.

Keep loving.


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