Run it Dirty.

If you have been following my you know that I have been on a journey to be more physically fit and lose a lot of the weight I gained with my kids and the horrible freshman 15 I got from Pizza and beer at AIP. Everyone knows I lost 30+ pounds already and feel more energy. Running has been my main exercise. I love the outdoors and with the headphones on I can tune out everything and just run. It is very therapeutic. I have thought about most of my problems on runs and came up with solutions and also was able to find motivation to make myself a better person.

But I needed a goal. Yes the weight loss and the toning of my legs were a good start. But I wanted to do something good for people I love. So I joined two races. Now I am not strong enough yet to run a marathon or be competitive in any way. I never expect to win awards or beat my best time. Hell my best personal time was the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day, but I say that is because the course was the flat streets of downtown. But I did 5 miles that day to prove to myself I could do it.

So my goal for this summer is dirty. And tough. I will probably push myself harder then I ever did before. These two event are very close to my heart and I would love some help. I need encouragement. I need sponsors. So let me tell you about the events and my AWESOME team.

Meet my Team

My Team so far is small. Beth Cummins and I are the only two. BUT we are looking more. If you run or want to have some fun…Please join us. We also have an awesome name: YINZER BITCHES. WE do have a Facebook Fan page where we will be posting about our events. We hope to continue to do this cause it is a great way to give back and it is a hell of a good time. We are our best motivation. We saw that in each other during the Turkey Trot.

Check out our races!

Muckfest is up first but only because it about a month away. This race is for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It is five miles worth of dirt and mud and obstacles. There is some fun afterward, but that is a reward. Check out there Website for more information. And if you want to join our team let us know.

Dirty Girl 5k is a untimed obstacle course designed for all body types and athletic ability. There are water obstacles and mud and rope climbs. There are wild costumes and a whole bunch of fun. This fun run is to benefit Breast Cancer Survivors.

Now WHY these two?

Well they are personal for Beth and I. Beth’s mom has MS. And I have multiple friends who have MS. I lost my mom to cancer when I was young. So it is important to us to support these causes.

How can you help?

Beth and I would love help from all of our friends. For one we need encouragement. We suffer through injuries and exhaustion just to give and have fun. So like our Facebook page and give us some shout outs! Also Donations are welcome. You can donate on behalf of our teams on either site. And when you do we will have some fun for you! We would like to thank you by wearing your name on our shirts. We would also like to thank you on our Facebook page.Also if you like please come out to these events and cheer us on!

We would like to thank you in advanced for your love and support.

Now let’s get dirty and run!703790_10151629165803787_436692670_o


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