Dreams can be scary and fun.

When I moved back to Pittsburgh last year I knew I needed to make a real career and finally do something I love. I am okay at the jobs I have, but I always wanted something more. In my last post I introduced BOLD Pittsburgh. And I am quite proud of it and the possibility of greatness. It will give myself, Amanda, and Jenn something to be proud of. Or at least that is where I hope it goes.

I said that BOLD Pittsburgh was born from a dating blog that I thought of during Podcamp Pittsburgh 7. I can still remember Justin Kownacki asking what was stopping me. I was stopping myself. Time, success, fear of failure was all huge downfalls to me. So I sat on it: FOR A YEAR.

Then I decided one night while watching tv that I needed to make a dream come true. I always wanted to work for Vogue or Cosmopolitan. I wanted to immediately cold mail my resume to every Pittsburgh Magazine in the yellow pages. Then the idea of working for more bosses that might not appreciate me stopped me dead in my tracks. Then I remembered that with today’s technology and Social Media Marketing I could do it myself. I did. I started with a notebook and ideas just started to flow.

Fast forward to a week after Podcamp Pittsburgh 8, Three girls sat around my dining room table ready to put everything into motion. Ideas bouncing off ideas our Facebook likes continued to climb and I had an anxiety attack. A full-blown on the floor freak out. I know everyone who has ever made there dreams come true have had that moment, but to me that is where I usually throw in the towel. Then it happened again at 100 likes and again 5 minutes ago at 150 likes. Yes the power of Social Media can cause panic attacks.

At the 50 likes, Steve picked me up off the floor and proceeded into a soapbox on how success can be scary but that I had a huge set of people who wanted to see me succeed and that I just needed to have a deep breath and let it happen. That it would be a lot of work but in the end it could be something great.

And that is what I grew it on. That it would be a lot of work, many meetings, and possibly some stumbling points but in the end it could be great.

Stay tuned to see our dream, my dream, come true. I will be updating this and the Bold Pittsburgh regularly. Follow Bold Pittsburgh on Twitter and Facebook.


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