This is always one of my favorite videos. This and QR Codes Kill Kittens. But this week this video became all too relevant. I am missing paychecks from work. As a starving artist just moved back to Pittsburgh this is the most horrible thing you can do to a person. And while I sat around and sulked all morning about it I wondered why and where could it all go wrong? Then I thought about the magazine that didn’t make it yet and the second issue is behind because I had to work extra shifts. I vowed to get it done this weekend. I was given a sunday off and my evenings free to invest in fixing what potentially be the answer to “doing what you love” I love Bold Pittsburgh. I want to do it all the time. I want an office with my logo vinyled on the door. But how can I make it happen? And basically overnight? Kickstart and hope I get people? Get a real business plan together and make it grow?

When I am faced with frustration I often get determined to fix it all and move forward. But this time I kind of just want a nap. But I decided that the best remedy I need is to put on some tea when I get home, sit at the table with Podcasts on my iPad playing loudly and work on a plan. A work reset. I knew my goals and what I wanted to do and needed to do. But I know I need help. Here are the few wants I have for my job future:

BOLD PITTSBURGH-I start with Bold because I am not the only one invested in it. I want this to work. I want it to expand to a cooking web show and other things I danced around my brain. I want it to be a social cornucopia of entertainment. I want it huge.

MY FREELANCE-I loved doing freelance in New Hampshire. I want to do it here. Whether I bid on work or market myself, I just want to make designs again. So I need a new website. And I really need to learn how to build them. So I have to finish Treehouse. I need new business cards and I need to network. I need to Get Seen.

MY FINE ART-This one is tricky. I hate my photography and paintings and my silkscreen and my upcycled cigar boxes. I never sold anything. I even put some work in a local shop in Dormont and I check in on it. I have caught people looking at it, but they both sit there on the shelves. And I admit that I never pushed my Etsy store. I never promoted it and added it to a business card. And I never did a gallery show. I have two I want to do this year and I want to get stuff ready for them. But again I lack the confidence. So I start to wonder if I should be an artist at all anymore.

SO I need a game plan and a schedule. This helped in the past. I can’t stray from it either. As I asked once on Facebook how was I to work two jobs and start a business, Dane said “Welcome to not sleeping…”

Coffee Anyone?


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