Anything Could Happen

As 2014 comes to a close and my feed is filled with the usual end of year nostalgia and resolutions for the last year; I had nothing to say. That is until I heard one song today: Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding. Then it hit me. Anything could happen in the past and in the new year. So my reflections and maybe a resolution or two.

Missed my kids more and more. There doesn’t need to be some long drawn out thing here. Divorces are ugly and exhausting, but they happen and life is life.

I got fired for my very first time. This was more earth shattering then I care to let on. It wasn’t even my full time job, but it was one that I had for 10+ years and over a few states. It was my fall back job in case I never really made it in the real world. I could hide there and make lattes and never think twice about how it wasn’t in the plan.

My full time job moved, bought, sold, acquired. Whatever it was. This was not earth shattering except that I finally got paid on a regular basis and I had more work and a bigger crew to work with. Also such a better drive to work from South Hills to Robinson then to the Strip District.

My health this year was rough. The Doctor visits I put myself through every year are getting worse with there poking and probing and every year they have another reason for more and more tests. This year as a precaution I had to have a LEAP where they removed part of my cervix that may have had cancerous cells on it. The surgery wasn’t so bad and recovery was kind of rough. In the end the cells tested negative for cancer. That kind of upset me more. I understand precautions but I felt like maybe all the pain was unnessacary in the end.

Blah…All the negative bull shit.

If I was to talk of accomplishments I would first talk about BOLD Pittsburgh. This is my first “Anything Could Happen”. If you asked me when I first drew the business plan for BOLD I would have said that is was going to fail and I would never really make it happen. It would never become the media hub that I want it to be. But then it did happen and is still happening. We may not be as popular as the other magazines and blogs in Pittsburgh but every month I feel we celebrate a different success. We will grow in the next year. We will make money next year. We will make it happen. There will be a cooking show and a podcast. But you can hear about our plans for the new year here.

I will do freelance again and be successful at it.

I will find a new job that I love and look forward to. I like my job, but not where I picture myself in 5 years.

I will see my kids more. Not sure how I will do this yet. But there is will and ways.

I will work on paying off my debt. There is a house in my future.

I will take a vacation with Steve. Even it is a weekend in a cabin or a beach with a hotel. It will be us and fun.

Notice how these are all “I WILL”? That is because these aren’t resolutions, they are bucket list items. With enough support and a strong enough backbone “Anything Can Happen”


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