My Three Words 2015

I can not believe I forgot “My Three Words” for 2015

If you don’t know about “My Three Words” go here. (Also in the book: Amazing Things Will Happen by C.C. Chapman)

So what are “My Three Words”




How I stumbled on these words is dumb. They were in a word search on Facebook that whatever three words you saw first is how your 2015 will be. DUMB. Even I admit it. Then when I next flipped to twitter and saw all these “My Three Words” posts I had to admit I forgot even though I only started the tradition last year. Then, as dumb as they may seem, the three words fit.

Beauty. This year I will continue to find beauty in the simplest things. I know that sound fluffy, but it is true. The way a building is built, the sky and a piece of art. All of it. In the past year I didn’t experience enough of it.

Experience. I want to learn new things and test my artistic ability this year. I will take an online writing course to strengthen my skills. As a result I will be writing more. This blog needs a refresh. I will keep up with Treehouse. I bought it last year and since the magazine took off I haven’t fit in the time. Lastly I am gonna try harder at being an artist. I know that is a weird thing to say. But the problem with me is instant gratification. Art takes time and a process and I rarely finish a project. This year that will change. I will carve out a night just to paint, sew, or make something. Also to kick this into some fun I am taking a note from a few friends that do a sketch a day; I am going to do a Photo a Day. I hope to make this something neat I see in the day and there will be no selfies. I dislike them.

Happiness. Now this I have a problem with. It isn’t the act of being happy. But I think it is more the level of content. I don’t want to go through the next year scared of my future or upset that I am not “making it”. I want to celebrate the little successes.

So that is it. My Three Words. Happy New Year.


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