Peach Green Iced Tea

My house is a foodie house. We always cook, try new foods and go out all the time. That will definitely spill into this blog. So here is my first one. Peach Green Iced Tea. I know; Simple right?

I have had this recent fascination with flavored water. I have tried flavors from lemon to raspberry and even peach. When peaches hit the farmers market this week I was all for it.

This is the simple but awesome recipe:

1.Cut up a half of a peach


2. Bring water to boil.

This step depends on how much you are making. I was only making a mason jar full so only a cup of water was needed. It is double strength.


3. Add two (or more for more water) green tea bags. Two tea bags per 8oz of water. Once the bags are submerged and tumble around in the boil for about 5 minutes then cut the heat and move off burner.

4. Let is cool for about 15 minutes.

5. Move peaches into the container. I used a Mason Jar.


6. Sweeten to taste. I did only two spoonfuls of sugar because the peach is sweet.

7. Remove the tea bags and add the warm tea.


8. Finish off with some cold water and stir. Refrigerate overnight for the best taste.


Tada…There is also a sun version if you have the luxury of a deck, I do not.

Enjoy your Peach Green Iced Tea



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