Today I had Breakfast With Mr. Rogers 

I am currently sitting on the North Shore having breakfast with Mr. Rogers. I wanted to share that I started to think of my life differently. Instead of measuring successes and failures, oops I mean oppertunities, I want to ask myself everyday what did I do that was amazing. Mr. Rogers taught us to be amazing. To make everyday special. 

Ahh the bells on St Mary on the Mount just rang. 

Sorry that was a moment to share. 

Yesterday I was amazed that I could still work two jobs in one day just to make some extra money this week. I amazed myself that I had the resources to do it and the amount of energy I had.

Today my amazing thing is being broadcast over the Pittsburgh world. I do it for charity and for one hell of a fun time. I will share with you tonight. As for now enjoy this view.



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