Failure Surprised Me

I am not the chef of the house. Steve does all the cooking. However, I do love to bake. I always have. I have made cakes since I was little and I said I always made them from “scraps” instead of “scratch”.

In all my years of baking I learned that I fail every time I make a new recipe. Which is understandable since you should try something a few times before you call it a true failure.

When I was around ten years old I insisted one night on making my own buttercream icing. A recipe straight from a 1984 Wilton cake catalog. A recipe I have memorized now. I remember having all the ingredients in the mixing bowl and I added triple the milk that it called for; I think I mixed up teaspoons and tablespoons. I remember carting the bowl into my dads room crying that something was wrong. He laughed. He then walked me back downstairs and dumped my sugar soup down the drain. We started over; together.

Tonight I thought I was going to have a failure in an attempt to make this recipe. Blueberry, lemon, sour cream muffins. This would be on one of this Pinterest Fail blogs. 

When I was done following the recipe it looked nothing like I thought it would. I knew that I had failed. I tried to pull a lesson from what I had made. Well I had one: I did lemon zest for the first time…yes that was my “win”, I seated a lemon without scraping the tip of my finger.

I relentlessly still spooned the mixture into the muffin tin and put it in the oven. My oven is broken, I forgot to mention that. The knob is melted and broken. I don’t know what degree is what. The odds were stacking against me. 

Lemon Zest. Just remember a lesson learned=success.

20 minutes later I surprised myself when I opened the oven. They were perfect.

In the end I learned to not expect a failure until it happens on the fourth try. Not the first try. 

Here are the non-fail muffins:



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