It is only a “Thing” because you made it a “THING”

This will be the blog post that gets me unfriended and unfollowed. But this is really a story about clarity and that moment where you realize you should only be shouting for help instead of crying for injustice.

“Burger King is still only open because you go there”…

I will let that sink in for a moment. I heard this statement last month and it resonated more then anything else that weekend. It said to me:

“That thing is still only a thing because you contributed to it”

It may not be the way he meant it. But lately I felt like it is a truth in so many aspects of life. I love social media and use it everyday for my business and I sometimes use it to post the amazing food I eat or my latest art project but I have never wanted to quit it so badly as I do now. To go back to the day when my marketing can be a sandwich board on West Liberty and flyers in a grocery store.

I get that it is a great medium for our amendment right of free speech, but come on. These “15 minute” reality stars are only a thing because you share them. Honestly I feel the best way to shut down some of these folks is get off their bandwagon. Any press is good press. I don’t want to be a star with my blog posts and twitter antics. I want people to read my reviews of restaurants and then go and experience life.

This was first true with that Nicole Whats-her-name Fat shaming video. I followed her. Watched her channel. I only followed her for about a week and thought “Oh Geez, she is funny, but seen it before, and I like more positive fun video stars like iJustine” Then the fat shaming video came. Yes I am a curvey girl. Yes I eat cheeseburgers like it’s my job. But instead of using my powers of social media to enrage my 600+ followers, I unfollowed her. Guess what: if she has no followers she has no sponsors. Her YouTube goes down and she is left waiting tables and doing stand up in a smokey night club. Instead she got more followers and blasted over news channels that didn’t even have her on their radar.

The I speak American girl. Just stop. I can’t even get on this one: She is probably faking it. Even if she was that uneducated she wouldn’t be passing grades in school. Our school system isn’t that screwed up. But congrats…She is now YouTube famous.

Kim Davis…This one will get me hated. She also just wants some fame. Isn’t that what we all want in some twisted way. We all get 15 minutes. Hopefully it will be for something good then something bad. I think the Kim Davis fiasco is just that a fiasco. We allowed her to get air time. We allowed her to flood the airwaves with her hate. Next week we won’t remember her name. Unless that Huckabee-whats-his-name asks her for vice running mate. Then I will just give up. In my opinion she is wrong. She should have been fired and forgotten by now. But these news reporters from all over the world have to eat while in Kentucky so they are bringing profit to this county thanks to Kim. She is wrong. People should be in love with whomever they feel a connection with. Plain and simple. No one should tell them different. But I get the outrage. I get the shame she is handing out with a red rejection stamp. It is a shame and well Karma. I read the protests we give her; all the memes and long Facebook posts. Good that you are standing up for yourself…but let us forget her so the news can move out of there and move on to something else. Also this can be no good for people who live there. There is probably a huge amount of mumbles when people ask them: “Where do you live?”

There are other things that irk me to no end in this overkilled media…But honestly this post has gotten so long I wonder if anyone is still reading. So instead I am going to talk clarity.

So I have had the shittiest 6 months of my life. I lost two jobs, possible failed at making a business or two, have gotten into countless fights with my ex-spouse and my current boyfriend, and now I lost my unemployment and I am still months behind on rent and I am barely sleeping. I at 36 years old had to ask my dad for grocery money just to eat. There is your moment of insanity.

As you would think I should be in a ball under the covers crying a mess and screaming injustice that I have college degree and worked so hard…I am not. Instead I tell myself nothing. I don’t dwell and ask for prayers on VageBooking. Instead I try to talk myself into the happy moments. The moments of unfailure. The moments where there is no struggle in the world that is me…My world. That is such an ostrich statement. I don’t have my head in the sand, but I choose to take care of the issues that only effect me because that is all my mental capacity could handle. I can’t handle the injustice of Kim when I need to focus on why the hell wasn’t I told my unemployment was about to run out?

So my moments: I have two meetings this week that could kickstart my business attitude back to the kick-ass girl I should be. I have a part-time job at Apple, which I love. I like my co-workers and my bosses and even the customers are better then the latte throwers I used to have to hear complain that it was to hot or to cold. I am writing and doing more art then usual. It is a creative therapy thing. Then there is my relationships with other people. I tend to treat them like business deals which takes the emotion out of my relationship. Which is possibly a great thing. I will see how that goes.

So here is my challenge. This isn’t without a homework assignment. Tell me your life. Your real life. Not what you make up on Facebook, but about your dinner and who your love is. I want to see the wedding and kid pics. I want to see the pictures of steak again. I want to hear what you did that kicked-ass today. So go and do something epic and then tweet that.


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